Are Casino Comps Worth It

Many people who play in the casino often ask if the requirements to reach comps are too tough. One good counter argument is that of one plays with all their hear t and spend a lot of time, money and effort in their games, aren’t they entitled to it? Most definitely.

Comps are the main reason why players keep on coming back to the same casino day in and day out. For the players, it is the security and knowledge that the casino is going to take care of them that counts.

In the United States, a lot of people go for the hospitality factor and expect it inmost places. If a casino treats them like kings and queens then it is worth coming back again and again to the same place.

The comps in the casino can rage from the small to the huge ones. Small comps are usually mugs or keychains that can serve as reminders of the casino but the heavier ones like free food, free drinks, and free rooms are the ones that players ultimately hope for.

Comps can be obtained in many ways but the most common way is to let ones gameplay in the casino be “rated” and “scored” by the appropriate comps man or the staff assigned for the comps distribution. Players have to remember that the play are not automatically noted and the plays must be scored manually for the comps to be noted.

Some casinos have special places that must be played at in order to avail of the comps. Most of the high risks games have similar comps and may require a shorter gameplay unlike others like slots or maybe roulette. Every casino has its own sizing up of comps and it is up to the raters to score ones game.

In most casinos, one has to register or join a players club to avail of the comps. Most comps are free but then joining a club enables the casino to keep tracks of ones performance and this enables the casino to serve the player further in the future. While most players do not prefer to be traced yet they ask and sometimes demand for the comps to be given but with it records of the past plays, sometimes the casino cannot give it.

Having a record of comps may also help in times of a tax cut or tax times. Some casinos keep logs of the loss and it is alright to ask for copies of it in one next tax plan.

One has to keep in mind that asking for a comp and getting a comp can be done on the first day of ones visit ion the casino. This can be done by approaching the casino host on these matters. The casino host is the person to talk to about getting he comps done the very first day. One has to be very cordial about asking for comps because if one tends to diss off or offend the host, the comps are not going to come.

One must remember that one has to be rated before the play so that one can be observed on he time and money put intones pay. Otherwise one may just be playing with nothing in mind of the future.

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