Land Based vs. Online Casinos

As a newcomer to the world of casinos and gambling, you will be wondering which is more viable and worth your while and money. As you will readily see, both have plenty to offer.

A visit to any Internet gambling forum and you will hear many people extolling the virtues of playing in online casinos. Among those are the sign up bonuses, which offers you prizes or money the moment you join them.

Online casinos offer all the games that land based casino do, be it Poker, Black Jack, Baccarat or Progressive Slots. In addition, some offer games, like Roulette Royal (wherein the payout accumulates the more players bet and no one is able to win the jackpot) that land based gambling venues do not.

In addition, Internet casinos offer you the chance to compete with people from all over the world, all from the comforts of your room. You can participate in any game you like, take your time and you can play at any time you prefer.

The security of Internet gambling sites are now at par with any casino in the world, and transferring your winnings into your deposit are easier than ever.

However, land based casinos have their own advantages. Not only are all the games you desire there, but the atmosphere -the sights, the sounds, the crowd- is something that any online casino will be hard pressed to match. While playing virtual cards, roulette and slots are nice, some will say there is nothing like gambling with real Poker hands or video slots.

Then there are the excellent food an drinks, and if you are a regular player, the house will give you comps, which come in the form of free beverages and snacks, plus other freebies. And if you are playing in Las Vegas, gambling is only one of the treats; as everyone knows, Las Vegas has become a total entertainment center, with parks, rides, malls, concerts etc waiting for you.

While these will cost you more, people will tell you that what you will experience in land based casinos will be worth every cent.

The fact is that both online and land based casinos have their attractions, and while some prefer one over the other, nothing should prevent you from trying both of them out. By playing in both, you will get the chance to enjoy the best of what they each have to offer.

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