Making Sense of the Disclaimer in Gambling Sites

All online casinos, regardless of the games being offered, have several things in common, including links to privacy statements, licensing, and disclaimers. The latter is particularly important.

There are several features in the disclaimer section in online gambling casinos, but while the wordings may differ, the essentials remain the same. You should read the disclaimer in its entirety to be sure, but the following overview will help you get started.

One of the things that you will read there is that the gambling site “shall not be held responsible for the contents of this or that link”. In simple terms, what this means is that the links provided for in the site are independent, and operate under their own rules and regulations. In other words, the policies on the linked pages will not necessarily reflect those on the site you are browsing. So be sure to investigate any of the links, be they affiliates or sponsors.

Another statement made in a gambling site disclaimer is that how, where and when you access the website is entirely your own responsibility. What this means is that you as the user should make sure that it is legal in your country to view, register and play in an online casino.

The same rule applies with the software the gambling site provides. The online casino will not be held liable for any problems you may encounter with its usage. If you are going to download a game, or play one directly off the site, you should read all the requirements first, and make sure you meet them all.

The amount of money you bet, when and how often, will be your responsibility, and not the casino’s. How you manage your bankroll is up to you, and which games you decide to play, and how you play, is entirely up to you. This statement may be repeated in the license agreement too.

What online gambling site disclaimers say in essence is that while the casino tries to make sure that everything is orderly in their site, with respect to the games, the links, the payouts, etc., you also have a responsibility as a user.

In a way the document can be read as a simplified version of the license agreement, but they should be studied in tandem. Learn what the disclaimer is all about, and you’ll be able to play more comfortably, knowing exactly where you stand and what is expected of you by the gambling site.

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