Perk Up Your Game At The Casino

If you are a regular casino visitor then you might be one of the lucky ones that the casino will be rewarding. Yes, you read it right; casinos are rewarding their loyal attendees with perks and rewards of special prizes! Casinos have different perks to offer to their loyal patrons, so check out the casino that you are visiting.

If you don’t know what the casino is offering all you got to do is ask. Some casinos are offering the following perks: Patrons get free or discounted items on everything from hotel rooms, Bus transportation, air Fare, limo transportation, golf green fees, room service, spas, massages, manicures, herbal wraps, gift items from cigarettes to apparel, cash back on your play, gifts of the month, concert tickets and so on and so forth.

Loyalty pays If you became a loyal patron to one of the casinos and consider the casino as your “home base” you will be receiving a loyalty pay. The visit should be in a span of one year. Aside from receiving perks for being loyal to one casino alone, you will be familiar with their machines and you will be able to increase your player level. Your credit will increase as well. Casinos are always welcoming loyal patrons and they know who to prioritize.

Casinos reward their loyal patrons. A typical casino would not go to their players and ask them if they are one of their loyal patrons, but instead you will be the one who will go to them and ask them about casino rewards for loyal patrons.

First, know the casino hosts. They are the ones responsible for making your stay at the casino comfortable. You can ask them what comps your credit has already reached. Or you can ask them about your favorite comps on how much credit you need to do to get those comps. But always remember to ask politely, be nice to them. You cannot give them money since they are not allowed to accept tips from customers, instead bring them something, or anything to make them remember you.

Use your player’s card. Don’t take your card for granted. Use it well and use it always. Make sure that when you are playing at a machine, your card is inserted properly. Double check the clock of the machine if you are in session. The clock is located at the top of most machines.

Table play If you are playing at the table game, give your card to the dealer. Make sure also that your card is getting all the credits you are playing.

Don’t ignore casino perks; they are just great as any other casino rewards.

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